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        2016 Update

 Haunt fans, do we ever have a surprise for you! Keep a careful eye on our social media pages for a HUGE announcement for our 2016 season. This is news you won't be soon to forget!  

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       About Royal Gardens - We're  A Non-Profit!

Royal Gardens Community league is nestled in the south of Edmonton and is home to a diverse mix of young families, seniors and low-income housing. Bennywise’s House of Horrors was created to provide funding for free and low-cost programs for youth in the area. Royal Gardens hosts programs year round that give these youth a place to have supervised fun, try new activities and have experiences they may have never otherwise gotten the chance to try. We help bring the community together and get everyone involved with volunteering and taking care of our community. In 2015 alone, Bennywise's House of Horrors raised nearly $3,000 towards this programming with the help of over 50 volunteers!!


In 2014 alone, Bennywise’s House of Horrors raised over $4,500 towards this programing!

                    A Creature is Born 

**Below is the back story for our House of Horrors 2013, enjoy! 

There once lived a kind young couple in an old mansion nestled deep in the woods. Young newlyweds, life couldn’t have been sweeter for them so they quickly decided to start a family. Mid way through the pregnancy, the young wife started to feel ill. Knowing how strong her husband’s love for their unborn child already was, she kept her illness a secret from him. He had past issues with loss and she knew any bad news could be taken very poorly. A visit to the midwife in the woods was called for, so the young mother-to-be set out for help. These were dense woods, filled with creatures who roamed freely- especially in the dark. She went at high noon in hopes of having a safe journey…

The midwife sensed evil well before the young mother-to-be arrived to her corner of the woods. In tune with the spirits, she felt the darkness that surrounded the unborn baby and immediately knew what was happening. Upon her safe arrival, the mother-to-be told the midwife of her illness and her fears for the health of her unborn baby. Hurriedly, the midwife told her of the darkness surrounding them and explained that this baby could not be brought into the world- they had no choice but to destroy it before it destroyed them.  The young girl wept and screamed at the midwife- there was no way she could lose her child, the midwife clearly had gone crazy. Ignoring the shouts of the midwife, the young girl tore out of her grasp and sprinted wildly through the woods planning on getting back to her husband to get his help.

Tears rushing down her face, gasping for air, the young girl had run for miles. Finally slowing down, she realized she had no clue where she was… Darkness began to sweep over the forest, wolf howls echoed around her, bats swooped over head. Scared, cold and in pain, she dug up some earth and laid down in the damp and the fog of the woods.

Why wasn’t she back yet? Why had she needed to go out so urgently anyway… Darkness descended on the mansion in the woods as the young husband paced the halls, frantically wait for his wife to return. Slowly, the thoughts of his former loss crept into his mind as the darkness engulfed him. He was consumed with worry as the spirits whispered thoughts of evil into his soul…

Awaking with a scream, she clung to her swelling belly as her muscles throbbed and strained. Spirits swirled above her huddled body as she balled into the fetal position in hopes of easing the waves of nauseating pain that ripped through her torso. Screams escaped her clenched teeth as wolves howled closer and closer… as her belly grew and grew…

He paced the floor of his unborn daughter’s bedroom. Filled already with dolls, stuffed animals and a bright white crib, the only thing missing was his beautiful wife and young daughter… Why did she leave him?! How could she do this to him?! Rage filled his body as his past memories flooded back to him. Blood; darkness; steel; electricity… His muscles tensed as the spirits filled him with evil. The loving man that his wife had married was gone…


With one final resonating screech, the blood drained from her face, her eyes rolled back in her head and she go limp as the wolves howl with an urgency that can only be brought on by the evil spirits. Her belly stretched inhumanely until her flesh ripped wide open- the spirits swirling and diving with the presence of their new creature. Bald; grey; unearthly. The “baby” grinned a fanged smirk as it crawled out if its mother womb and off into the forest- it would come back for her later…

  A little poetry to get you in the scary mood...

"Like one who, on a lonesome road,

Doth walk in fear and dread,

And, having once turned round, walks on,

And turns no more his head;

Because he knows a frightful fiend

Doth close behind him tread."   

~Coleridge's Ancient Mariner.

                    Meet Benny Wise

Benny Wise has a long spanning history in the Halloween “industry”. He was born in approximately 1904 in a small English town to a poor beggar. She could not afford a proper birth, so poor Benny was born in the gutters. He suffered many illnesses as a young child, causing increasingly worse facial disfigurement. After being relentlessly teased at school, Benny ran away from home at the tender age of 7 when even his own mother could not stand the sight of him. Benny ended up at a traveling circus which accepted him as a sideshow freak. During performances people would retch at the sight of Benny’s face, pointing and screaming as they ran away from the hideous creature.

After many long years of this torture, Benny Wise could not take the gawking anymore. On one of the busiest days at the circus, a young boy came to visit all the sideshow freaks with his friends hoping for a fright. The boys were about 12 years old; they mocked Benny mercilessly, pointing, making faces and calling him names. Little girls ran by screaming at the sight of Benny as he became purple with rage and fury. Benny Wise ripped away from his display and viciously attacked the small group of boys. The leader of the group was shredded limb from limb and strewn around the room, coating circus goers in blood and guts. The remaining boys tried to run away, but Benny was furious...

All the years of being teased and tormented had built up inside Benny, turning him in to a vile killing machine. He hungered for human blood, desperately seeking revenge for all the pain thrust upon him in his younger years. Benny ransacked the streets looking for young children to murder, leaving limbs and blood in his wake. Many parents feared for their children’s life; police were soon alerted and Benny Wise quickly became England’s Most Wanted.

Benny hid out underground for a few days, but the police were determined to find him, so he was forced to leave the country. However, Benny Wise knew he would not be safe very long in Europe so he made the long journey to North America. Once here, Benny figured out that people loved to be scared and would pay for the most realistic of frights. However, this only came about once a year, coincidentally on the anniversary of his first rampage, October 31st. Every year on this date Benny gets a job at a haunted house as clown (the only costume he knows how to create) and kills young children that remind him of the children that mocked him as a child. Once suspicion is raised over missing children, Benny will move onto another haunt; forever hunting more evil little children.

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