Bennywise's House of Horrors

Presented by The Lawnmower Hospital


General FAQ

  1. When is the House open?

     The Calendar section of our website lists all key dates for our Haunted House and important information. Our dates for 2016 have not yet been announced. Keep your eye on our Home Page, Calendar and social media feeds for the upcoming announcement!

  2. Where are you located?

    We are currently located inside Royal Gardens Community League. RGCL is located at 4030 117 Street NW in Edmonton, Alberta. It is located South-West of Southgate mall/transit center and is easily accessable by Bus #50.

  3. Can my children go through the House?

    We generally discourage children under the age of 10 years old from going through the Haunted House as it can be quite a scare and on our regular nights we do NOT offer lights on tours or toned down versions of our haunt for the sake of our actors and other patrons. However if your child is feeling brave, they will be allowed through, but please be warned: once you are in, there is no turning back! 

    We encourage children to visit us this year on October 29th or 30th between 6:00PM and 6:45PMfor a lights on, no-scare version of the house. Stop by during these specific times for a guided tour through the house. You'll still get to experience the general vibe of the haunt and all the decorations, just no actors and slightly better visibility. 

  4. What does it cost?

    Each trip through the House is a minimum required donation of $6.00 per person, but we happily accept larger donation to help keep the community vibrant!

    NEW this year: Want to skip the line-ups? Get a VIP Pass to skip the line, for only $12 person. CASH ONLY for all ticket purchases. 

  5. Can I buy tickets in advance?

    Yes! We will have a booth at the Trading Card & Electronic Gaming Convention (TCEG Con) October 9th - 12th at the Edmonton Expo Center - we will be selling VIP Passes on-site ($12 ea, cash only). 

  6. Do you offer refunds?

    Sorry, but all sales are final. No matter the situation, please remember that this is a non-profit fundraiser. No refunds, no exceptions. Just go have fun getting scared!

  7. How long is the wait?

    The wait can vary from night to night. We will NOT sacrifice the quality of our show to push people through the gates. Expect there to be a wait especially the closer it gets to Halloween. There’s nothing we can do to about that. It’s a normal occurrence within the haunted house industry. To avoid long line ups please come earlier in the evening or you can purchase a VIP Pass. We try out best to keep the line up as entertained as possible!

  8. Can we take photos inside?

    Nope! No photos or videos permitted within the Haunt. You will be asked to leave if caught filming or taking photos inside. Don't spoil the fun for your friends!

  9. Is the House indoors?

    Yes- the House itself is entirely indoors. However, the line up can stretch outside and the exit to the House is outside!

  10. Is there any physical contact?

    Actors are instructed not to touch the living. However, the haunted house is dark and it is difficult to predict the bumps in the night. You are not allowed to touch our actors. In general, the creatures will not touch you but at times it’s hard to control their cravings. They do respect your wishes if you are not comfortable with it.

  11. How can I contact Bennywise's House of Horrors?

    The easiest way to voice your question or concern is to e-mail us at [email protected]. Posting on our website or other social media will also grab our attention, but response time varies, especially in the off season. E-mail response can be expected within a week year round. 

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